Anacleto Spazzapan

Anacleto Spazzanpan born in Luino Varese in 1943, now living in Stezzano Bergamo, began his design career drawing and producing Aquariums with a focus on design and innovative solutions. His research on particular marine species takes him to Indonesia, where he also deals with the design and production of wooden furnishings and ethnographic objects.

With the consent of the Indonesian government, he conducted some excavation campaigns, discovering in the island of Java a 3000-year-old civilization.

Its creation began in the 1970s and evolved into continuous productions, using different techniques and materials.


In 2011 he founded a design and production studio with his wife, where he produced hundreds of iron and steel furniture items with a technique he created using metal rods of 3 to 5 millimeters diameter.  


Always oriented to constant experimentation, his style fluctuates between baroque and contemporary. His creations find a permanent exhibition at the TID in Milan where high-quality professional designers work together.


He has exhibited in many important galleries in Italy and abroad.

Nico Potenza

Tel: 07710782861


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